The purchase and / or use of the Gift Card requires the express, complete and unconditional acceptance of the following terms.

  1. The Gift Card (hereinafter referred to as the Card) is the property of its issuer (hereinafter Bonnie Mevorach), and the Cardholder is the simple trustee.
  2. The Virtual Card is sold at and is not reimbursed buying another Gift Card.
  3. The Card can be used to purchase any product available at
  4. The Card may be used by its holder only once to purchase the products he desires.
  5. The balance available of the Card, i.e. the difference between the prepurchase balance available and the amount corresponding to that purchase, is not refunded or redeemed.
  6. If the Cardholder’s order exceeds that amount, payment of the balance may not be made by cash deposit, but only by bank deposit or credit / debit card.
  7. The products purchased with the Card from are subject to the policy of changes and refunds as listed on our website. Depending on the case, the refund of the products purchased with the Card will be made either by increasing available of the Card balance or, if for any reason, the Card is no longer exists upon the return of the products, by credit coupon.
  8. The Virtual Card will be valid for one (1) year from the date of its dispatch by Bonnie Mevorach to its intended recipient. At the expiry of its validity period, the Card may not be renewed or used for the purchase of products, and any available balance may not be required.
  9. Any Card originally acquired illegally will be canceled, it will not be used for purchasing of products and its balance will not be refunded.
  10. The Gift Card may not be used for promotional purposes or for the promotion of products or services provided by third parties not related to Bonnie Mevorach, unless we have previously given our written consent.
  11. The Card is not replaced in event of theft, loss or destruction.
  12. Bonnie Mevorach is not responsible for the failure or delayed in receipt of this Card by its intended recipient for reasons beyond the control of Bonnie Mevorach, including, inter alia, storage or congestion of telecommunications systems, possible delay in the retransmission information or data, loss of information or data due to the above-mentioned circumstances, inaccuracy of Card recipients personal information which were provided by the purchaser of the Card, absolute failure to deliver the Card to the email account provided or storage of Bonnie’s Mevorach email under the spam folder.