Designer Bonnie Mevorach launched the brand in 2017. The brand with particular love for the creation of women’s clothing was born out of the desire to make women feel beautiful, sophisticated, powerful and different, giving their wardrobe extra time and the garments impeccable.

With a focus on craftsmanship, the collection is designed and made in Greece in a small space crafted with state of the art sewing machines.

Studying fashion design blunted the designer’s vision and knowledge to create thematically inspired garments and prints (creation of unique fabrics) as well as craftsmanship in the fabrication of the pattern and sewing experience.

Bonnie Mevorach graduated in July 2017 from AKTO Art & Design College and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Fashion Design from Middlesex University in London with a scholarship to continue studying at master level.

Athens Exclusive Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the fashion industry in Greece. The designer’s participation in the Athens Exclusive Fashion Week established the presence of her clothing in the fashion industry and created the opportunity for collaborations.

In December 2017 she was among the first 10 winners of the Pan-Hellenic Fur Competition for young designers of the Association of Greek Furs and NAFA.

This distinction was followed by a series of important events which were the introduction to fur knowledge. These events were: the participation in the SEG catwalk which is one of the biggest Greek fur companies, the presence of the design at the International Fur Fair in Athens and the attendance to seminars in the exhibition area by well-known experts of fur industry, a very useful tool for future creations.

The fur addition is an element that highlights feminine elegance with luxury that fits perfectly with the principles of the brand.


The brand was initially introduced with a collection of swimsuits with special prints and designs.

The designer started her first collection by producing and fabricating printed fabrics as a result of her previous research of the Indian culture. The collection was named “Magic India” due to the “magical” culture of the Indians to present their beliefs, to express their emotional state in various life events, to honor human and to demonstrate the craftsmanship of people. The use of symbolism in jewelry and henna that they apply to women’s bodies is prominent of Indian culture.

These symbols were applied in the first collection, giving rich intense colors, the peculiarity and the playful mood of the discovery.

The playful sense connects the prints with the collection pieces, giving not only a girly style but also a dynamic presence of the woman on the beach and elsewhere!!

Swimsuits can also be combined and worn as a beautiful element of female attire.